My uncle posted this on his Facebook and my mother apparently agrees with the message. Why is it so difficult for people to discern the differences between somebody choosing to have an abortion because 1) they didn’t have birth control or it didn’t work and they can’t afford a child and shouldn’t be forced to carry it around simply to give it up for adoption (which isn’t guaranteed anyway) or 2) they were raped and impregnated as a consequence, and 3) nobody directly funds the survival of free (but endangered) animals, but humans require a huge degree of direct financial support? Like. Why are these such difficult concepts to grasp? If somebody wants or needs an abortion, that should not be questioned. 

Hey mom, I know you chose to keep me even though you were only 20 and I feel like my dad more or less made his position clear, but if you weren’t with him, would you have chosen to keep me? There was no way you could have afforded me. You alone didn’t have the support, and your family didn’t have the means to support you. 

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